​Man's Best Friend Book 1 - Binaltro

   The first book in the Man's Best Friend Series, Binaltro introduces Amos Kent and Grick, a telepathic dog who helps him navigate the dangerous world in which he awakens after being struck by lightning. Their encounter with the sorceress Balera of the night dwelling Karaxians leads them into a beautiful but chilling landscape, filled with discovery and danger around every corner. Amos and Grick try to make their way to the ancient city of Binaltro in hopes of finding a way out of this bizarre world. Or, is it all just a dream?

​The Journals Of Brandas - Book 4 of the Man's Best Friend Series

   Events of the great catastrophe that plunged Ronala into a twelve thousand year dark age are revealed in the data journals left behind by Brandas, a renowned citizen who shunned hibernation and led the few survivors in the struggle to preserve their culture during that horrific upheaval. In present times, things are changing rapidly for the awakened citizens of Binaltro. New methods of restoring their world are coming with greater speed and effectiveness while the charismatic Red Ronel Suli embarks on her mission to lift her tribe from its barbarous life of darkness. Fresh twists arise with the discovery of a lost enclave of citizen survivors, an ancient alien race, and the unexpected return of Amos and Ryan to Binaltro. 

 Man's Best Friend Book 2 - The Awakening

   After an extraordinary adventure on a strange world in a parallel dimension, Amos Kent is getting his life as a small college professor back to normal. His newfound best friend, the telepathic dog called Grick, has come back with him from that bizarre world, and there is a new woman in his life, a beautiful lady doctor who appears to be "Miss Right." The deadly encounters with primitive tribes, dangerous creatures and monstrous machines among the ancient remnants of a dead civilization in that other universe are now just stirring memories. 
   This agreeable situation is upset by the sudden arrival of Silag, a scientist from that ancient culture, unexpectedly awakened from thousands of years in hibernation by Amos and Grick's departure from his dimension. Silag brings the alarming news that Amos may be infected by the same horrific plague that ravaged his civilization and might now devastate ours. To prevent this disaster, Amos and Grick return with him to that strange realm, where Silag hopes to restore his stricken world to its former splendor. 
    But the primitive tribes, monster machines and dangerous creatures that roam there may have other ideas.

Man's Best Friend - The Trilogy

     The first three editions of the Man's Best Friend Series in one volume. Binaltro, The Awakening and Convergence follow Amos, Grick , Silag, Nix and all their friends and enemies on adventures and dangers on in the parallel dimension of Ronala. We are offering the eBook version of The Triology at a special discount for the next few months as an incentive for readers to get interested in the upcoming Book 4. 

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Man's Best Friend Book 3 - Convergence

​   The third volume of the “Man’s Best Friend” series finds Amos Kent and Ryan Avery leaving their Puget Sound home to continue their adventures in a parallel dimension. Along with four-legged colleagues Grick and Nix, they are helping Silag, Arnal and the other reawakened citizens of Binaltro lift their stricken world out of its long dark age.  
    But formidable challenges still await them from the dangerous creatures roaming the feral landscape and the vengeful Karaxian Mistress Sharpa, who has a score to settle with Amos. An unexpected new arrival and a strangely compelling duo whose white robes hide all but their eyes adds more than just complications. Old acquaintances are refreshed and new friendships forged as the unfolding saga reveals answers to lingering questions and new mysteries with all paths leading to Binaltro and Convergence.

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